Agata Sobota


Passions & Personality

Agata is constantly on the move. Cycling is her greatest passion and a way of life. A characteristic and recognizable figure in the Polish cycling scene: she not only competes in ultramarathons herself, but also absolutely contributes to the activation of women in this environment. She also loves mountains, good coffee and photography.

Work & Back story

It was the passion for sport and physical activity that made her unable to imagine any other job.
As a physiotherapist, she knows that sometimes the smallest details play the biggest role. That’s why she always tries to understand the patient’s problem thoroughly, paying great attention to conversation and communication. In her work, she combines manual therapy with exercises. She also prioritizes patient education, showing the way and possible solutions in returning to full health.
She has experience in working with orthopaedic patients (before and after surgery), as well as in acute and chronic pain treatment within the musculoskeletal system.
Currently, she develops in the field of manual therapy according to the Maitland Concept, follows most recent reports from scientific research and constantly expands her skills during numerous postgraduate courses.
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