Daria Frozyna


IMTA Teacher

Passions & Personality

Optimist, mother of plants, passionate about ecology. She loves people, cycling, music, photography and eating food cooked by Thomas.
Sings loudly, fortunately only when no one is listening.

Work & Back story

Physical therapist and a teacher. Work is actually her passion, too. Throughout almost 20 years of professional experience she has seen a lot and asked many questions, but still wants more.
As a physiotherapist she helps people to regain movement identity and get back trust in their own body. She works collaboratively with them to create an individual action plan to help achieve their goals. Treatments with her are comprehensive, including manual therapy, tailored exercise program and far more. Emphasis is also placed on providing advice and education, which helps the patient understand their pain/problem, empowers them in their rehabilitation and equips them with the tools necessary to create sustainable changes and lead a healthier life.
Daria has attended numerous postgraduate courses, gaining valuable skills and certificates, amongst which she obtained OMPT Diploma (Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapist), following an intense prestigious program on the highest international level. Now she mentors clinically other physiotherapist in this demanding course, but her own education doesn’t seem to be ever finished.
While her methods are embedded in evidence based practice she has the skill to think outside the box when it comes to more difficulty and complex cases.
Physiotherapist from the bottom of her heart, teacher from a need of sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm. As a postgraduate course teacher Daria stimulates in her colleagues curiosity, inquisitiveness and creativity. She loves to watch the seeds sown sprout. Daria is the only Polish teacher of manual therapy according to worldwide recognised Maitland Concept.