Agata Pasternak


Passions & Personality

A happy “mom” of two dogs, thanks to whom she regularly buys new shoes, and has to change the floor… every now and then. All the three of them enjoy long walks on the beach, but most of all Agata loves mountain hiking. She is a passionate runner, likes sports in water, as well as skiing. Outside of work, her great passion is photography. Maybe that’s why she likes being surrounded by nature and enjoys even the smallest things.

Work & Back story

Actually, she planned to become a sworn translator, but one day she woke up and decided that she did not want to spend the rest of her life in this way. And this is how she decided to choose the best profession in the world – physiotherapy. She never regretted her decision. They say when work is a passion, you never work. So Agata does not work.

Agata doesn’t like pure guesswork, therefore she focuses on a thorough interview during treatments. She asks many questions to find and eliminate the very root of the problem, and then consolidate the effects with a tailored training. She also willingly answers questions from her patients and basically talks a lot, to help them understand their own ailments. Thanks to this, patients deal with them better and become more involved in the therapeutic process, during which they get all the tools they need. Agata knows perfectly well, that effective therapy is not only the work of her hands and ingenuity. Behind real success always stands effective cooperation between the patient and the therapist, and Agata is an expert in this field. She thinks unconventionally to find individual solutions for everyone.
Agata regularly participates in trainings and conferences. Currently, she develops her skills in the Maitland® Concept, and explores knowledge about the therapy of eye disorders connected with headaches, cranial trauma or eye ailments in people working long time in front of a screen, which is still a niche in physiotherapy. She also enjoys working with patients with hip and knee disorders.