Kettlebells for Physios

This weekend we held in Warsaw our 1,5 day course „Kettlebells for Physios” for the 2nd time.

In short words:
Every joint likes efficient partners… the muscles!
Shoulder instability, motor control impairments of the spine, chronic back pain, meniscal damage, degenerative changes in the hip, patients with fear avoidance behaviour – these are just some of the conditions we discussed during the course. And the discussions were both clinical and scientific, for in the group we had many experienced therapists, including physios with the OMPT title and even three doctors of physiotherapy! Maybe you recognize your colleagues or lecturers? 🙂
Strength training is an increasingly appreciated element of multi-dimensional treatment program for most of our patients – regardless of their age and current activity level. You will receive all the valuable tips and their practical application during this unique course!

Join the next group

Hamburg, 6.- 7.  April

Warsaw: new dates coming soon!!!




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