Kettlebells for Physios

After teaching for the 1st time our new course “Kettlebells for Physios” we’re pretty happy. A small group in Warsaw, 4 women, 3 men, worked hard and learnt a lot.
Fundamental Kettlebell skills which are fitting as excellent exercises for the patients we treat on a daily basis in our clinic.

An easy, but effective program to get or stay strong and flexible; plus a programming strategy which isn’t complicated at all.

Drills for:
Shoulder instability and / or weakness.
Lumbar motor control impairments.
Fear avoidance after chronic LBP e.g.
Hip OA.
Knee OA or ACL ruptures.

The course is not only about learning some new Kettlebell “moves” but rather how to adapt them to the needs of the individual patient. Embedded in the overall clinical reasoning process.

Next course dates are:

Warsaw: 15.- 16. April 2024
Hamburg: 06.-07. April 2024

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